“Become St. Pete” Wants You to Rethink Business in the City

In case you couldn’t tell, we think St. Petersburg is pretty awesome.

With the low cost of living, beautiful beaches, small businesses and craft breweries (I could go on for a while, people) there’s a lot to love about the area. That’s why we were pumped to participate in a local video project.

Become St. Pete” was created in an effort to reframe business in the city. Ashley Ryneska, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg, produced the film on behalf of the St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corporation.  

The starring cast features “a mix of fast-growing startups, entrepreneurs, civic organizations, and corporate leaders immersed in meaningful work within some of the city’s key industries: healthcare, marine sciences, financial services, tech, and art/design,” Ryneska writes in a blog post for The St. Petersburg Group. 

St. Petersburg is a city on the rise, and we’re proud to help highlight it!

Kathleen Garvin is an editor and marketing strategist at The Penny Hoarder. You can follow her on Twitter at @itskgarvin.

Featured image credit: "Become St. Pete" video screenshot