New Swag Alert! Plus, a Look Inside The Penny Hoarder’s Culture

Employees walked into our office recently to find surprises on their desks.

 Image credit, Lizabeth Cole, The Penny Hoarder

Image credit, Lizabeth Cole, The Penny Hoarder


The employee experience team gifted staff with purple notebooks, water bottles and cord tacos donned with The Penny Hoarder logo. A couple weeks earlier, each employee received a new t-shirt, too.

 Our Abe-inspired duds | Image credit: Sharon Steinmann, The Penny Hoarder

Our Abe-inspired duds | Image credit: Sharon Steinmann, The Penny Hoarder

These items are a nice token of appreciation, and also part of a larger initiative at The Penny Hoarder.

“We’re always looking for ways to show appreciation for the team as a whole, and an exciting new part of our ‘Employee Experience Blueprint’ is collaborating with each of our departments to help them find different methods and opportunities to develop and encourage recognition,” said Erin O’Neill, people & culture manager. “There are so many ways to tell someone they're awesome. Our goal is to see that happen as often and authentically as possible.”

Our team also knows that culture is more than just t-shirts and water bottles, which is why we’re becoming a values-driven organization.

Creating a Culture That Matters

This month, we’re debuting an inside look into our culture at The Penny Hoarder, starting with the shakeup of our core values.

Our employee experience department will be pulling back the curtain on the different programs and initiatives we’re implementing. We’ll share what’s working… and when things don’t run smoothly -- which is a guarantee -- you’ll read about that, too. "We believe positive outcomes can emerge, even when things don't go according to plan," said O'Neill.

The series will begin with blog posts and evolve to include video. Stay tuned to the Taylor Media blog!

Kathleen Garvin is an editor and marketing strategist at The Penny Hoarder. You can follow her on Twitter at @itskgarvin. 

Featured image credit: Pareesa Khwaja, The Penny Hoarder