Kyle Taylor (and His Dog!) Took the Stage at FinCon17 in Dallas

The Penny Hoarder returned to FinCon, a conference for the financial media community, this year. The annual event was held October 25-28 in Dallas, Texas.

After a couple years of elaborate booth setups, we decided to take a break. Instead, our CEO, Kyle Taylor, attended with a handful of team members and a dog with a lion mane (but more on that later).

To give you an idea of booths past, here’s the layout for “Stay Above Water with The Penny Hoarder” in 2016.

fincon presentation

We even had a VR game. Seriously.


This year, Taylor was invited to be a Big Ideas speaker. These speeches were billed as “smart, powerful talks given by key influencers.” He graced the stage with other big names in the personal-finance space and shared his journey with the audience.

kyle presenting at FinCon

Taylor talked about the importance of being truthful and vulnerable when telling your story -- but before launching into the speech, he showed this commercial to the audience as an example of great storytelling.

Afterward, he said, "Bring the lion out!"

Taylor’s trusty 12-year-old black lab, Franklin -- sporting a lion’s mane -- took the stage with him.

kyle and taylor

From there, he shared his story of creating The Penny Hoarder. (Look out for the audio in a couple weeks!)

Here’s The Penny Hoarder team in action, mingling with attendees.

fincon attendees
fincon attendees
fincon attendees

Want more information on Kyle’s presentation? Our senior social media manager, Shaleria Faison, compiled tweets and photos from the presentation on Twitter.

Kathleen Garvin is an editor and marketing strategist at The Penny Hoarder. You can follow her on Twitter at @itskgarvin.

Featured and blog post images credit: Maryann Akinboyewa and The Penny Hoarder

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