We’re Working Remotely This Month. Here are 5 Ways We’re Surviving

It’s movin’ time!

For the third time in a little over two years, The Penny Hoarder is upgrading to a larger office. We’re closing in on employee No. 80 and need a bigger space to accommodate all of us in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

Hey, we were named one of the fastest-growing companies in Tampa Bay for a reason!

While we wait for construction on our new office to finish up, we’re spending the month of September working remotely.

We know: At many startups -- and heck, companies in general -- that’s the dream for most employees. But for a group used to collaborating in an open office space, the sudden drop in camaraderie can be challenging. Plus, there’s the whole lack of human interaction thing.

That’s why our executive team rolled out the September Penny Peep Challenge.

The objective is to connect with employees throughout the month and share a photo or blurb about it in our Slack channel dedicated to #RemoteSeptember. Employees track their progress and earn points for each interaction. The three people with the most points at the end get a prize. (And we’re told the the top prize is kind of a big deal to be revealed in the new office.)

5 Things Getting Us Through Our Remote Month

Keeping with the spirit of our September Penny Peep Challenge, here’s how we’re surviving working remotely this month.

1. Taking Selfies

 Image credit: Alexis Grant

Image credit: Alexis Grant

It serves a dual purpose: We get points for the September Penny Peep Challenge and let the the team know we’re, you know, still alive.

2. Meeting Up at Coworking Spaces

 Image credit: Maryann Akinboyewa

Image credit: Maryann Akinboyewa

Most of our coworkers live close to Downtown St. Pete, which makes organizing on the fly super easy.

3. Patronizing Our Local Coffee Shops

 Image credit: Maryann Akinboyewa

Image credit: Maryann Akinboyewa

Because coworkers who caffeinate together work hard together.

Bonus: Our employee experience department gave everyone $10 coffee gift cards earlier in the quarter!

4. Using the Magic of Technology

 Image credit: Logan Riley

Image credit: Logan Riley

Hooray for video calls! It’s a convenient way for us to be in the same room together when we can’t *be* in the same room together.

5. Hanging With Our Furry Friends

 Image credit: Lisa Rowan

Image credit: Lisa Rowan

Because cute animals make the work day better. Even science says so.

In two short weeks, we’ll be moving into our new office space. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Kathleen Garvin is an editor and marketing strategist at The Penny Hoarder. You can follow her on Twitter at @itskgarvin.

Featured image credit: Maryann Akinboyewa

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