What is Taylor media?

Taylor Media is a media startup based in beautiful and walkable St. Petersburg, Florida. We run The Penny Hoarder, a personal finance website that reaches millions of readers each month.

Our mission is to put more money in people’s pockets; we do this by sharing job opportunities, personal success stories, practical tips and more. If you’re looking for information on weekend side hustles, ways to shave dollars off your grocery budget, or whether you should contribute to an IRA or 401(k), we’re here to help you make and save more money.

how it all started

In 2010, our CEO and founder, Kyle Taylor, was managing five figures of student loan and credit card debt. Kyle began to blog about his adventures in making and saving money. Readers responded, and this culminated in the launch of ThePennyHoarder.com.

Under his leadership, The Penny Hoarder has grown from a personal blog to one of the largest publications on the web. The Penny Hoarder uses a variety of digital platforms to tell stories about real people and share actionable money-making and -saving tips that make a difference in our readers’ budgets.

Kyle is also active in local politics after spending nearly six years on the road as a campaign worker crafting media strategy, directing field workers and raising millions of dollars for important causes. He feels passionately that people should earn a livable wage no matter what their job.